how am i supposed to forget you when every time i go outside i see things that remind me of you


  • garbage cans
  • dog shit
  • asshole people
  • those babies that you want to punch in the face because they wont stop crying no matter what

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Things that will make me fall for you:

  • singing around me, even if you’re not the best
  • talking about movies and books you love
  • telling me jokes, yes including the stupid ones
  • sharing your music with me
  • really talking to me…about your life and your future etc.
  • maybe liking me back?
  • yeah

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taylorswift Look at what I found the other day while cleaning my room (click the pictures to read the full thing-i think a line or two is cut out of the first)! I wrote that when I was 11 (although the horrendous writing would probably say otherwise). I idolized you so much, and wanted to be just like you. And now that I’m 19, NOTHING has changed. You’re still the best role model one could have. 11 year old me also had great taste in favourite songs. Btw, you’re still great at singing and playing the “gutar”.

u rock never change xoxoxo

i loved you then, i love you now, i will love you tomorrow.

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